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Applying and Getting Into Grad School: 5 Easy Tips

As someone who just started grad school round two, I'd like to think I know a thing or two about getting in and what you need to know during the process! The process is overwhelming and stressful and can leave you not wanting to bother at all. Today, I want to share with my 5 easy tips for getting that so sought after acceptance letter and making the process a little less scary and intimidating!

1) Make sure you read all the requirements for applying!
One of the worst things about applying to graduate school is figuring out what the pre-requisites for the program are and what other things are required to apply. Before you make a decision on where you are applying, make sure you read every little detail on their website and don't be afraid to email or call for clarification. There is nothing worse than having everything ready to apply, only to realized you missed the fine print that stated the class had to be taken within the past five years... (not still bitter about that at …

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