An Embarrassing Story and School Things

(Dress and tights: Kohls, Cardigan and boots: Target, Belt: Old Navy, Purse: thrifted)
Yesterday, I did something embarrassing. Really embarrassing. Remember how I mentioned that the mister is not a fan of red lipstick or lipstick in general? Well, I am very much a fan. In fact, I've become kind of obsessed. So much so that yesterday when I left the house in a rush to go to the post office and then pick up Jacob, I got mad in the car that I had forgotten to put it on. So after I went to the post office, I went to Walgreens and bought a new one. Jake had no idea. He thought I was still at the post office. Oops. I'm ridiculous, guys. And sorry, Jake!
Anyway, today was my first day of actually going into a classroom for the semester. I always feel incredibly over dressed in my classes since... well, it is college and you're lucky if you can find someone wearing something other than jeans and a sweatshirt. Plus there's the fact that I go to a community college that is largely older people. Sometimes I get weird looks. It happens. No biggie.
Can I just quickly tell you how much I love this dress? It was something I got years ago but I'm even more in love with the embroidered pattern than I was when I bought it. It's definitely a keeper. So is this belt and boots. You probably thought I was kidding when I said I wear them all the time. Nope. I clearly need new items to obsess over.