Plain and Simple

(Another blurry shot)
(Jeans: Old Navy, T-Shirt: Brother's, Blazer: Thrifted, Purse: Thrifted, Necklace: F21, Ring: Gift, Shoes: Maurices)
Today's outfit is just simple for once. I never wear t-shirts but considering I had an 8am biology class for almost three hours this morning, I decided to go for comfort and dress it up. And if you couldn't tell, I am in fact in love with this blazer. It goes with everything so it's now a staple in my closet.
Speaking of my closet, my closet is currently the only carpeted thing in my room. We had a hot water leak while I was in Puerto Rico which resulted in a molding carpet in my room. Who wouldn't love to come back to a gutted room after a vacation?! 
I kid. Anyway, my poor little closet is in an otherwise empty room but luckily tomorrow, I will finally be getting new carpet and hopefully my clothes will be lonely no longer! 
Now to head off to class number two of the day, nutrition. Don't tell the teacher I ate a delicious cookie earlier! 


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