Ruffles and Rain Boots

 (Shirt: thrifted, Skirt: Target, Tights: F21, Belt: Old Navy, Watch: Fossil, Headband: made by me, Boots: Gift) 
It's almost 5pm here in Arizona. Do you know what I've done today since I got dressed? I went to the supermarket to get a few ingredients to make a red velvet cheesecake. Then I made a red velvet cheesecake. That's it. I got dressed like this to do that. Call me crazy but you never know who you'll run into at the grocery store. Plus after a night like the one I had, taking time to make yourself feel good does wonders. 
I decided to wear rain boots today because it was cloudy and windy yet here I am, hours later, still wearing rain boots and not a single drop has fallen. But at least it's feeling like a true Northern Arizona winter today.
I've been asked a few times about how I make my bow headbands. They are truly so simple and cheap. For the one I'm wearing above, I purchased the tie for a messly 50 cents! Go check out Katherine's tutorial at Thrifted Things for how to make one of your own!