Stripes Upon Stripes

(Headband: Made by me using a thrifted tie, Dress(worn as a shirt): Gift-F21, Skirt: Target, Cardigan: Gift-Costco, Tights: JcPenney, Purse: thrifted, Boots: Target)
After the first picture, you were probably wondering why the title was "Stripes Upon Stripes." You see, I have a problem. I usually change 5 times before I finally head out the door. Lately, I'm getting better at it but after taking pictures, I decided I wanted to change something about this outfit. Of course, that involved putting on my trusty Old Navy belt. I was fairly certain my outfit didn't match in several ways when I finally left the house but I liked it so I just went with it. That's the thing about clothes, you just have to go with what fits your body well and what you like. Mixing patterns? Why not? Black with brown? Of course. 
Step out of your style box and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.