Table For Two, Me and You

(T-Shirt: Dressing on The Side, Skirt: Target, Jacket: Vintage-Thrifted, Tights: Kohls, Boots: JcPenny, Belt: Old Navy, Watch: Fossil)
Can you tell I really like this belt? I think I wear it 6/7 days a week. It's a little much but it just goes so well with absolutely everything. I also adore my Fossil watch I received from my parents for my birthday. I pretty much wear it with everything as well. So be prepared to see those two around here pretty often.
Can we talk about how awkward taking pictures of yourself with a self timer is? 
Unbelievably awkward. I often end up getting to my spot as the self timer beeps and not knowing how to pose. Hence my nice pose in the second photo. Would someone send me a photographer to take pictures of my outfits every morning? 
On a completely different note, am I the only that thinks 2012 is off to an absolutely incredible start? This year is treating me far too well. Let's keep it up. 


  1. My favorite outfit so far! I'm obsessed with the jacket!


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