What I Did Wednesday Part 2!

 Looking at First World Cat Problems this morning.
Taking a walk to a local coffee shop to have lunch with Jake and the corgi.
Part of my wonderful man and his Italian Cream Soda.
My veggie quesadilla! 
My best friend making her little lady, Eva, giggle.

(Blazer: Borrowed from mom's closet, Jeans: Old Navy, T-shirt: Brother's, Necklace: Borrowed from mom, Belt: Borrowed from mom yet again, Flats: Maurices, Purse: Fossil)
You know what's great? 
Having a fashionable mother. That wonderful woman has some great clothes and every once in a while I can find something to fit into of hers. Thanks for passing down the clothes loving, mom!
Anyway, today was one of the most fun days I've had in a while so it was perfect for What I Did Wednesday! 
The day started with my regular workout and looking at cat memes on the interwebz. I also received cookies from a beautiful friend states away which just brightened my day even more! I then proceded to take a nice walk with Jake and we got to have our second lunch date of the week! That never happens! We definitely need to make lunch dates happen more often. Later in the afternoon I got the pleasure of having a pizza and dessert party with my best friend, her little lady, and my best friend's twin sister. I've known those two ladies for years now and absolutely adore them. And let me just tell you about little Miss Eva. I've been smitten with her from the time I found out she existed in her momma's tummy. When Chelsea found out she was a girl, I made her pink chocolate chip cookies. And the day she was born I decided to skip my class and drove two hours home to make it to the hospital right on time. She is the most beautiful little lady I have ever known and I cannot wait to one day have my own little kiddos to play along with her.