Adventures of Goodwill

(Dress: Target, Shirt: Maurices, Scarf: Old Navy, Shoes: Wanted Shoes, Purse: ModCloth, Belt: Thrifted)
(Excuse the extreme, unedited close up of my face)
Let's take a moment to acknowledge the fact that I did not wear my favorite belt, blazer, or black skirt. Decided to pull out this maxi dress that I wore to my best friend's wedding this past summer because it's a 70 degree day in Northern Arizona. Most of you probably think that sounds delightful (which I normally would too), but it's February, not April so I'm having a hard time accepting it.
I ventured to Goodwill today in search of a long skirt. As I was in an aisle along with another woman, a lady I didn't know came up to me and said "I don't know if this is your style but I just thought it was so pretty and wanted to show it to you!" At first I was confused as to if she was even talking to me and once I realized she was, I looked at the hideous dress she was holding and hand to hold my laughter. I then told her that I thought it would be far too big (a size medium that looked like at least a large) and that I usually wear an extra-small or small. She replied with "Really?!" Well, thank you, strange lady with good intentions for telling me I look large.
Luckily, as I was paying for my skirt that I finally found, the guy at the register told me to keep on smiling like that because it makes people happy. How right he is. 
Go smile and make yourself and some others happy! 


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