The Awkward and The Awesome

(Shirt: dressingOnTheSide, Blazer: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Kohls, Shoes: Wanted Shoes, Pin: Antique, Belt: Old Navy)
The Awkward:
  • Making a Valentine's Day gift for someone in your car with tissue paper you had in there (who has a pack of tissue paper in their car?!) and a gift you got.
  • The fact that this skirt I'm wearing was originally a dress I bought while thrifting that I even tried on and loved but a few days later, I tried it on and hated it. Tried again a week later, still hated it. So I cut off the top of it and now I have a piece of fabric that I guess I shall use as a skirt.
  • Walking out of class on Valentine's Day to see a car with balloons and flowers on it and being asked excitedly by a classmate if it was my car. After I said no, she looked so disappointed. Me too, classmate girl, me too.
  • How many of my friends my age are engaged/pregnant/married/have kids. Can you guys slow down and give me a few years to at least catch up with the engaged part?
  • The third picture down. What am I even doing? I added it simply for the fact that it's Awkward and Awesome Thursday.
The Awesome:
  • The cheeriness this week carries because of Valentine's Day. Everything's just so much better this week.
  • Two dates in less than 24 hours.
  • Chocolate. Need I say more?
  • Visiting my dad at his new job and being told I look just like my mother. No one in this world I'd rather look like.
  • The winter that came back for a few days to give us a snowy Valentine's Day.
  • Love. Love. Love.


  1. I love dressingontheside!! :) and you...are adorbbsss.<3

  2. Trying to picture it as a dress....I really think it looks best as a skirt haha good call!!
    I LOVE your blazer! I have actually started looking for one since finding your blog :)

    1. Yeah, it looked cute as a dress but when on, it just looked a bit strange haha. Thank you though! This blazer is my obsession! I wear it a good 3-4 times a week! Haha. I definitely suggest thrift stores. The only thing I have difficulty with finding thrifted blazers is finding a small enough size but when you do, it's well worth it! This one was only $3!


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