Black, White, and Brown

(Skirt: Target, Shirt: Brother's?, Scarf: Gift from a lovely friend, Tights: Gift, Bracelet: Gift, Shoes: Wanted Shoes, Belt: Old Navy, Purse: Fossil)
Today's picture taking got really awkward. I take my pictures either in our front or back yard. We have a hedge that separates our house from the neighbors but that's pretty much it. I started in the back yard today when I heard my neighbor walking around. He looked as if he were searching for a noise he heard (me). I decided to move to the side of the house carrying my tripod when my phone received a text message. Now, my text message sound is basically a person whistling. I then kept hearing the neighbor searching around and it seemed as if he were getting closer. Basically, I stood still for a few minutes and moved it into the fron yard. I'm not sure how I would have explained to this older man what a blog is.
Anyway, I tried a fishtail braid on my hair this morning and let me tell you. Most. Painful. Thing. My hands have never cramped so badly in my life. But I held through the pain for the sake of beauty. 
Today I'm off to spend some time with my best friend and her little lady then possibly heading to the mister's family's house for a Super Bowl shindig. But let's be real, I couldn't care any less about the Super Bowl. If you do, I hope your team wins!


  1. Can I just say this is my favorite outfit you have put on here so far? It's just so cute.

  2. I love this outfit SO much. You look great. And you hair looks fantastic.

  3. I love this outfit, and your fishtail is awesome. (:

  4. oh goodness......your beauty is OVERWHELMING!! PLEASE STOP!!! :P

    your outfit = beyond adorable
    your tan = me jealouuussss.
    your fishtail = JEALOUUUSS AGAIN!!!!! ;P
    your belt and scarf = i wannnttt!!!

    stop being pretty, please? (; <3

    now following youu!! =D follow me back??


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