Guest Post by Mandi!

A few weeks ago, I asked my dear friend, Mandi, if she would be willing to do a guest post. I met Mandi through Tumblr about two years ago. We quickly became friends and she is one of the most beautiful, caring, loving, radiant, and just incredibly people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I absolutely adore her style so I hope you enjoy it as well! 
(I had to add a picture of Mandi and her precious boyfriend, Paul. Aren't they just a gorgeous couple?!)

I don't particularly think that fashion sense is something that you learn, I think it's little bits of your personality reflecting into the day to day. On most days you can find me in a baby doll dress and plain black tights. However in the pictures above I'm in nothing of the sort. I did this because I wanted to show that no matter what your usual wear is, it's always invigorating to step out of your comfort zone. Buy a pair of jeans! Or show off your legs in some tights! Or my favorite, work them shoulders, Girl! You are beautiful and your clothes are here to help accentuate it, not dull it. I'm not saying you need to roll out of bed in a pair of short-shorts and a tube top, but wear something that makes you feel beautiful, and nothing else matters. Be your own spirit animal! Be brave, be bold, and be your own. You're so beautiful, and I'm not just saying it.

Love always,

Mandi and Paul also make beautiful music! Take a listen!

(You can find Mandi on Tumblr and Blogspot)


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    1. Aren't they darling?! Such beautiful voices!

    2. Yes - they're spectacular! ~ Your friend Slaterson from Instagram :)

    3. Yes, they're specatular! ~ Your friend Slaterson from Instagram :)


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