Hello There Again, Winter

(Last picture included so you can see what I look like in my natural habitat: Blogging at a coffee shop)
(Shirt: Old Navy, Cardigan: H&M, Locket: F21, Skirt: Target, Tights: No clue, Boots: JcPenney, Watch and Purse: Fossil)

Yesterday was one of those days in the worst of ways. I spent the whole day being the epitome of a Negative Nancy. I wasn't feeling well but needed to go to my nutrition class because we had a project due so off I went. I made the executive decision to leave after our break for my own mental health. I decided to get out of my rut by listening to some cheery music on the way home, making myself a delicious dinner, and looking at old pictures. I ended the night with a big smile on my face and once again with the realization that my life is one huge, wonderfully, exciting blessing. 
Luckily that motivation carried on to today and I woke up feeling nothing short of chipper. 
Today, I also realized I have yet to register to vote. Oops. So I went ahead and got that done! Being all adult over here! As you can see, it's suddenly winter weather again today so the tights and sweaters come out again for a day. In a bit, I'll be giving my first speech in my communications class and let's just say I get to be a nervous wreck when speaking in front of a group but I'm passionate about my topic (Puerto Rico) so hopefully all will go well! 
Wish me luck!


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