The Monday Uniform

(Shirt: Brother's, Blazer: Thrifted, Jeans: Old Navy but these are actually different than my usuals ;), Shoes: Wanted Shoes, Purse: Fossil, Scarf: Old Navy)
You know how the usual outfit for a college student these days is sweats/yoga pants/pajamas/workout pants? Particularly at a Monday 8am class? Well, this is my version of that. I'm pretty sure the people in my two Monday classes think I own no other clothes but in my defense, I switch it up a little every Monday with different shoes/ accessories/ shirt. 
It's just that waking up at 7am is hard for this college student. Even if it's only once a week. But it's especially hard because I have to do biology labs for almost three hours and do horribly on quizes. I'll be honest, ladies and gentleman. Learning biology through online lectures? Definitely not working for this lady. For someone who is used to doing well in classes, this is a major bummer so far. We'll see, I guess.
Anyway, back to Mondays. After those glorious (ha!) three hours, I've made it a thing to do lunch with the mister even though I have to drive 30 minutes to his work for a 10 minute lunch. So worth it. 
After this break from my crazy Monday, I head home for a workout, shower, and then back to a horribly boring 3 hours of nutrition class. And of course, I wear a similar outfit from the morning.
Basically, Mondays are mighty monotonous. Someone come break up the routine?! 
I'll even make you cookies! (Just ask the guys that work with the mister that are now spoiled with cookies every Monday) I'm not so bad to have around! ;)


  1. I really love your bag!! I'm slightly obsessed with the color

    1. Thank you so much! I bought it about a year and a half ago and I am still smitten with it!
      Also, just wanted to say that I love that your name is Eva but pronounced Ava because my "niece" has the same name pronounced the same way! :)


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