Pink Eye and a Minor Foot Injury

(Dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Wanted, Belt: Thrifted, Purse: Fossil)
As you can tell by the title, I came down with pink eye on Wednesday afternoon. At first I thought it was just an infection (I get a lot of strange eye things), until my mother (my doctor) said good bye to me for the weekend and slipped it in that she was treating me for pink eye. 
Fun stuff.
Just to add to the fun, I was at the mister's house last night when I got up and stepped on a thumbtack/ nail. That little sucker went all the way into my heel of course. Who knew your foot could bleed so much for such a little hole? 
Despite my misfortune on those two things, this weekend has been delightful so far. I got this dress for $6 while thrifting and am so in love. Then today, my best friend/future sister in law came into town for the weekend so I spent my morning with her and will spend my night having dinner with her, two more of the mister's siblings, and the mister. To make it even better, we're getting sushi! Sushi is high up on the list of my favorite things to eat.
As you can see, it has gotten to no long sleeve/ no tight weather and although I am a bit sad, it's a refreshing change that's already making me feel more like myself.
Hope you're having a happy weekend! 


  1. LOVE that dress and your hair looks so pretty!
    I hope the ol' pink eye ish clears up soon! Doesn't sound like much fun!


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