Sometimes it's Awkward, Sometimes it's Awesome

(Shirt: Dressing on The Side, Blazer: Thrifted, Shorts: Maurices, Tights: Gift, Boots: Target, Purse: Fossil)
The Awkward: 
  • The weird combo of this outfit. I realize it's a bit strange but I felt like going for a bit strange today. 
  • And how boxy this outfit makes me look. Just noticed in these pictures. Oops.
  • Taking the mister's friend back to his place as his long distance girlfriend called him. I always feel awkward listening to people's personal conversations.
  • The weather right now and how I'm not ready to let go of tights because of it. 
  • Giving up cookies, brownies, and cake for Lent and replacing them with Ghirardelli squares. No biggie.
  • Laying in bed, about to fall asleep at midnight, only to realize you completely forgot about a cupcake order for the next day that required one dozen mini lemon cupcakes but you have no lemon. I have class until right before I have to deliver the cupcakes so I didn't have much time today so I then had to drag myself out of bed, put on a hat and glasses, and drive to Walmart at midnight to buy lemons. Only the life of a baker.
  • The fact that someone pointed out the fact that I haven't made any posts on my baking blog since the first of this year. It's only awkward because I have no inspiration to make up new recipes and there's really no quick way to fix that but with time.
The Awesome:
  • Getting my shirt back from Dressing on The Side after I had to exchange it for a bigger size because it was too short for my long torso. The short shirt part was a bit awkward...
  • Keeping busy this week. It gets a bit stressful but I love having things to do and feeling accomplished.
  • Getting accepted into Idaho State University!
  • Listening and singing along to the Aladdin soundtrack with Jacob in the car. Which led us to decide we need to have a Robin Williams movie marathon.
  • The speech one of my favorite speakers in my communications class gave on Tuesday. It was all about how your thinking affects you. Always a needed message. 
That last picture is the face I make in an attempt to make situations less awkward. Can't say it always works...

Hope your week is full of all kinds of awkward and awesome moments!