Valentine's Things and Wednesday Things

 The number holders at lunch today
 Little lady smiling away after her momma and I picked her up
 The rose they gave me at the restaurant last night
 Valentine's nails and candy
 The Valentine's Day treats I picked up for my family yesterday
 My huge delicious plate last night that I only ate half of

Last night started out rough. All day I had been so cheery and then I went to change into my dress. Let's just say I had a complete body image breakdown and ended up on the verge of tears. I sucked it up and put on this dress that I felt huge in but everyone assured me looked great. Once I arrived at the mister's, I was in a sour mood but there's just nothing to completely cheer me up like some time with that guy. We headed off to dinner at a restaurant at the Sedona airport. Remember how I had complained about our 70 degree weather just a few days ago? Last night, all throughout dinner, we watched snow fall and actually stick through the big windows at the restaurant. After dinner, we cozzied up and watched a movie and laughed to our hearts content. 
It was perfect. In all it's unperfect ways, it was just what I wanted and more. 
Today, we went out for lunch just to continue the celebration and I, by a miracle of the Lord, got Jacob to smile in a picture with me. I'm pretty impressed with myself. 
Love is a mighty beautiful thing.


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