Anxious Annie

(Dress: Old Navy, Cropped blazer: Thrifted, Purse: Fossil, Flats: Maurices, Bow: Handmade gift)

So, it's definitely Spring here in Northern AZ. There's no going back. Today, I've had to turn my AC to 2 most of the day. I'm scared of what summer is going to be like. The heat is nice at times but definitely draining.
Today is my first day of work since I couldn't go yesterday since my pink eye was still healing and pink eye with children just does not mix. Anyway, I've always been a very organized and mildly OCD person and therefore I struggle with changes in my routine. Even vacations cause me stress and anxiety because it's not on a set schedule. I usually get over it but it's something that I struggle with. So that being said, starting this job is bringing back that anxiety and it's been weighting on me since I was hired on Friday. So if you could say a little prayer for me or send some good thoughts my way that I could have some peace about this and that all would go smoothly, I would really appreciate it! 
Other than that, life is dandy and beautiful! I hope the weekend treated you well and this week does just the same! 


  1. Cute everything in this post!! Thinking of you with changes!! I am just the same so moving countries yesterday is definitely freaking me the eff out!!! In saying that, I absolutely know you will be so great at your new job :)

  2. I love the blazer! There is actually one similar at my local thrift store that i have pulled out of the rack the last few times i've been in -it's too big for me, but i love it!


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