Babies, babies, babies!

Yesterday, I had an interview and got the job! The first pictures are of my interview outfit. I will be working at a resort in Sedona as a kids' camp counselor! I had a similar job a few summers ago and loved it so I'm looking forward to it! 
Today, was my best friend's twin sister's baby shower! I've been friends with Jessica since eighth grade as well and I'm just so excited to see what her little girl comes out looking like! She's due on the 30th so the new little lady should be here any day now. The group picture is of both the twins, our other friend, Rhiannon, and I. All four of us were friends through high school so it was so great to spend all afternoon with them. 
Chelsea is married and has baby Eva. Jessica has a boyfriend and little girl on the way. And Rhiannon is going to be celebrating 2 years of marriage and also has a little girl on the way. We all graduated together.
Let's just say, after today, I am feeling way behind! And I definitely got baby/marriage fever after our afternoon of chatting and opening baby presents! I am so so beyond thrilled and feel so blessed to be able to be in these three ladies lives as they go through such incredible life changes. It was just such a great afternoon and reminded me that I really do have some great friends I can count on. 
(Yes, I have an eye infection again)
Hope your weekend is going splendidly! 


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