A Birthday Package

(Shirt, ring, and Cardigan: F21, Jeans: Old Navy, Purse: Fossil, Sandals: JcPenney)

Yesterday, I spent the entire day waiting for my birthday package from F21 to arrive. For whatever reason, the UPS man seems to leave our house for last. Jacob and I were cuddling away the afternoon and I had no urge to attend my horrible nutrition class. Jacob on the other hand, was convinced that I needed to go. He's obviously the logical one. Sometimes. So, as I lay on the floor refusing to go to class and complaining to him, I saw the UPS man pull up! ....5 minutes before I had to leave for class. Either way, at least it arrived and Jacob made me go to class because we had two quizzes. 
So I'm extremely excited about all my clothes but unfortunately, I worked today and the next two days so I must wait to show them all off. But I did get dressed after my workout to go to the store real quick and decided to snap a few pictures! 
If I am absent the next two days, just know that I'm working away earning lots of money and feeling sluggish because I couldn't get my morning workout in before work. 
Can you believe tomorrow is already Wednesday?!


  1. That top & That ring are fab! Love the ring especially, super quirky & fun :)



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