Blast From the Past

Remember that break through I was talking about? That was just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe more on that later but I've been going through tons of old pictures and wanted to share some of my favorites!
 How cute is my mom's outfit here?!

My brother really liked me for a few years at the beginning!

I rocked the curls and the diaper and shirt look.

I also rocked the bowl cut. And had a really cute kitty.

My siblings and I were huge fans of candy cigarettes.

Oh, first Grade.

First moments with momma.

Ultrasound with all the siblings.

My dress for my kindergarden graduation. They go all out in Puerto Rico.

Why don't I still have this outfit?!

My "first kiss" caught on camera! 


  1. I loved candy cigarettes as a kid too! Such sweet photos :)


  2. YOUR SO ITTY BITTY & cuteee!! And your moms outfit?? LOVEE!!!


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