I'm Dreaming of a White... Spring Break?

No, you're not imagining things. I do live in Arizona and that is snow and it is March. 
For whatever reason, in the weeks before Easter, it seems our area gets hit my some cold, crazy storm every year. This year was obviously no different. A crazy cold front came in Saturday night and it has been snowing on and off since. I have lived in this area for 13 years now and never seen this much snow here! Of course, the sun came out shortly after and the snow is almost all melted but I absolutely loved it. Classes were canceled at my community college and work told me not to come in last night so that past two days have been lazy and wonderful. 
Yesterday I made this delicious apple pie.
(Thanks Devyn for the picture)

Today will be for watching tv and cuddling with Jacob.
Happiest of Mondays to you!