Inside My High School Yearbook

(Shirt: Target, Skirt with belt: F21, Tights: Borrowed from mom, Shoes: Wanted, Necklace: Made by me, Cardigan: H&M, Coat: Very old Old Navy)

Someone please explain to me how it has already been almost two years since I graduated high school. I swear it has to be a silly trick time is playing on me. 
Well, although today was supposed to be "What I did Wednesday," I didn't do anything particularly exciting today but I did open up my yearbook and found some gems. In my AP Calculus senior year, our entire class was pretty close knit and got along well. One day, I decided to pass around notecards to the people sitting around me. I told them to draw anything they wanted. I then took all their cards and put them on the outside of my binder, where they remained until it came time to throw away things at the end of the year. I took the cards and put them in my yearbook. I had forgotten they were there until today when they fell out of the yearbook. They are pretty hilarious so I thought I'd share those today instead. 

I also re-read one of my favorite little things someone wrote. Joel is hilarious and was always known to be able to give you a pick up line on queue. 

(Amanda, I don't even know what to write. I will miss u, your smile, cookies, and the fact that an angel was in 2 of my classes... I'll miss you and I hope I see u again! -Joel)

And here is my wonderful AP Calculus class on the seniors' last day of school. That is in fact the teacher leaning back on his elbows in the middle. 

Best memories. 


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