It's All In the Details

(Shirt and Jeans: Old Navy, Cardigan, earrings, and Purse: F21, Bow: Made by me, Shoes: Maurices)

The Awkward:
  • The little boy at camp that would say "Excuse me..." a million times and state the same facts over and over again.
  • The girl that wore jeans and a pull over hoodie for her interview that I saw today. Do people not understand that you dress up for interviews anymore? You could at least wear a nice shirt with your jeans...
  • How I'm kind of desperate to spend four days talking to just adults. So looking forward to talking to people that won't make you repeat the same thing ten times and still only do half of what you asked them to. 
  • How horrible my posture looks in that last picture. I swear I was just bending down so I could get my head in the picture since I'm taller than my tripod by quite a bit.
  • The amount of times I've applied hand sanitizer while at work.
  • And here's the ultimate one of the week. Getting to work to find out your car won't turn off. Panicking that you can't turn it off or take out your key. Panicking that you have no cell reception to call anyone. Realizing 5 minutes later that you're still in drive. Awkwardddddd.
The Awesome:
  • How I'm exhausted right now but still feel so good for whatever reason.
  • My new purse. I'm in love.
  • Four days off.
  • My birthday being next weekend.
  • The lunch date I had with Jacob yesterday. His craziness keeps me sane most days.
  • Going into your old place of employment and being so grateful for your job now because you realize it was 100 times worse there.
  • A best friend date tonight. Which means I get to see my favorite baby. She doesn't count under kids I don't want to talk to. 
Tomorrow's Friday! If that's not a reason to smile, I don't know what is!
Hope it's an absolutely beautiful Friday for all of you!


  1. I adore your bag!!!! SO beachy!!!!!! loves it!!!

  2. THAT BAGGGG!!! ~swooonn

  3. Such a cute outfit! I want that bag SO bad. Loving the blog. Xo

  4. Great post and super cute outfit! I look forward to hearing more from you. :)



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