Life Will Always Be Awkward

(Shirt, purse, and skirt: Thrifted, Cardigan: Borrowed from mom, Tights: Gift, Shoes: Wanted, Belt: Old Navy, Watch: Fossil)

The Awkward
  • The girls in the coffee shop at the table by me talking about all their man drama quite loudly. 
  • My face and it's awkwardly chubby cheeks. What is this?!
  • How I thought I would get the certificate for best speech of the day in COM100 (even though I could care less about a piece of paper) and then was super disappointed when the awkward speech won.
  • How much I go back and forth between loving and hating my bangs. Can you be bipolar when it comes to your bangs? Because I totally am.
  • How Jake and I always ask each other to talk the other out of spending money... Yet we do anyway.
The Awesome
  • This purse that I got for TWO whole dollars! It's in perfect condition and just wonderful.
  • Making it through my speech on Tuesday without dying of nervousness!
  • The clothes from F21 I'm about to order. (refer to the last bullet point in the awkward section, oops)
  • My birthday being in 36 days!
  • An exciting guest blog post I'll be doing on one of my favorite blogs! Stay tuned for that!
  • Getting the above Gap shirt for $1.
  • Getting new tires for my car and for the awesome mister that noticed that they were about to die on me at any second.
Those awkward moments just make life that much more awesome, don't you think? 
We all need a little awkward in our day to day!


  1. you are waayy toooo cute. :P seriously!! and what are you talking about? CHUBBY CHEEKS? puhleaazee!! and p.s. your bangs? = adorrbable!!

    1. Oh, goodness! Thank you, doll! You're such a sweetheart! xox


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