March Winds and Parents

(Skirt and cardigan: F21, Vest (worn as a shirt): JcPenney, Tights: ?, Shoes: Wanted, Purse: Fossil, Belt: Thrifted)

Today, I'm just going to share this little thing I wrote a few months ago. It probably would have been more relevant to Valentine's Day but I believe love is worthy of being celebrated every single day.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that love between two humans can last. We’ve all seen it happen. That couple you’ve always known to be so in love and right for each other suddenly splits after years and years. With each couple divorcing and splitting, it seems like a little more hope is lost. It makes you wonder how you and your loved one will ever make it. But then, I remember my parents. My beautiful strong parents. The ones that have been married for 23 years, dated only 6 weeks before they decided to marry, but still hold hands in the car and giggle like middle schoolers with crushes. I know it’s not easy for them. My father isn’t the easiest man to deal with and my mom is mighty strong willed but they fought like heck and made it work. I’ve grown up around that and I thank the Lord for that and for the strong will I inherited from my mother to fight for what I love. It won’t be easy. I already know this but I also know it will be worth it because if one day I can hear my own kids speak about their parents the way I do about mine, I will know that I’ve given them that hope to know that love can last. 

My sweet, loving parents. I owe it all to them.


  1. you get more adorable in every picture(:

  2. The thing you wrote about your parents is amazing, and I love your floral skirt haha. (:


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