Nice To See You, Spring!

(This picture was an accident but it fit so well with awkward and awesome Thursday so I had to include it)

(Shirt: Thrifted, Cardigan: F21, Jeans: Old Navy, Flats: Maurices, Purse: Fossil, Necklace: Etsy gift)

The Awkward:
  • Seeing someone you know while you're sitting at the coffee shop but you're both a little unsure of who the other is. So you just glance over at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time. 
  • When your little, old professor gives you the same hand out every class period for a good three weeks, forgetting that he ever gave it to you.
  • The fact that it snowed on Monday but is 74 degrees and mighty sunny today. Oh, Arizona.
  • Looking at my yearbook with my brother's girlfriend (who I graduated with) and remembering that we went through everyone in our class and labeled with different color of pen if they were pregnant/had a child/were engaged/were married/dropped out/were dating someone. It was hilarious to see who was still together and even more hilarious to think that we took the time to do that during AP Calculus.
  • When Jacob's mom asked me if I wanted to be friends with her on Facebook. She's hilarious and adorable.
  • Sitting down to do work for my online classes everyday for a week and only getting one assignment done. I need help.
  • Seeing a teacher whom you peer tutored for in high school at Walmart. He insisted on giving me money at the end of the semester to put towards my college fund because he thought I did so well. I felt horrible keeping the money to myself so I gave it away to a good cause and just put it behind me. I still feel so uncomfortable running into him around town.

The Awesome:
  • Wearing my hair in its natural state again. Hair, I love you and I'm sorry I straighten you so much.
  • Feeling good. Who knows what happened in the past two days but I just feel GOOD.
  • The clothes that will be here next week for my birthday present! Still so excited about this! So many florals coming my way!
  • Deciding almost 100% on where I'm going to school next semester and where I'll graduate. Not particularly a fan of the actually school but it is close, offers a good education, and I'm just relieved to have that stress off my shoulders.
  • My birthday being in FIFTEEN days! Insane that it's almost April! Time, stop speeding by!
  • My chocolate covered banana necklace I'm wearing today that my best friend got me for my birthday last year.


  1. I was going to say I adored your necklace, and then I read that it was a "chocolate covered banana" and I think I fell in love with it even more - so neat and quirky! Love the outfit :)


    1. Thanks so much, lady! Isn't it silly?! I wish I could remember the Etsy store! They have all kinds of fun jewelry that looks like food! So funny!


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