Oh, the awkwardness.

(Shirt and shorts: Thrifted, Purse: Fossil, Shoes: Maurices, Belt: Old Navy)
The Awkward:
  • These shorts. Let's be real, they are absolute grandma shorts. Not sure if I love them or absolutely hate them.
  • Finding out that everyone hates the manager shortly after you start a new job. There is nothing that turns me off from a job more than the uncomfortable tension between employees and the manager.
  • Realizing why I never had a job before while being a full time student...
  • The construction workers that were starring at me as I took these pictures. That last picture is my embarrassed face.
  • The plumber that has been working on our latest hot water leak being extremely loud in the attic. 
  • The fact that I had to ask Jake if I could borrow his shower this morning after I worked out because we have no hot water and I need to wash my hair desperately. 
  • When you're really sweaty and someone wants to hug you but you tell them you're sweaty and they do it anyway. I think I cringe the moment they touch my back every single time.
  • How many times I've had pink eye in two weeks. THREE TIMES.
  • Craigslist. Enough said.
  • Not having time or the energy to bake. This is more depressing than anything. 
  • Spring Break not feeling anything like a break.
The Awesome:
  • Not having to worry about money for a few days this week.
  • Getting to go to PF Changs with my favorite guy. The best.
  • Finally figuring out a good way to cut my bangs after these pictures were taken. 
  • Jacob Jacob Jacob. I'm pretty sure he's the main reason I haven't gone crazy this week.
Clearly, my week isn't going so great unfortunately. But after tonight, I only work two days for the next week so I will hopefully be able to relax and catch up on homework and life.
Hope your week has been full of much more awesome than mine! 


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