She Sounds Like a Boy!

 The birthday package I talked about yesterday! So excited to show off some more of these goodies in my next outfit post!

 What I made at work yesterday. I'm a cat lady without the cats. Jacob says it's more of a lifestyle. I'll definitely be getting a kitty come August!

My mom made us Easter bags this year but she can never wait to give them to us so I got mine today!

I also made this at work. I was far too excited that we had a Pokemon coloring sheet. I did it for Jacob but he didn't want it :( So my brother, who has an undying love for Pokemon, gladly accepted it.

The Easter bag goodies!

This is definitely an old picture but I just stumbled upon it this week. In June 2010, I cut off 11 inches of my hair to donate to Locks of Love after my goddaughter was diagnosed with stage four cancer. It's crazy to think that was almost two years ago. Can't wait to do this again some day.

Why is anyone friends with me on Facebook?

Another oldie I came across. Christmas 2009 at home in Puerto Rico. My brother and I are obviously strange ones.
How is my birthday and trip so soon already?! So excited!

Real quick, can I just bring up the fact that one of the campers told me I sounded like a boy today? A FOUR YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL. 
I was pretty much on the verge of tears.
But not really.
But I am sensitive about my man voice. 
So obviously, I made you a rambling video so you can hear my deep voice.
(Excuse my ridiculous facial expressions)


  1. it's a lovely voice! i completely understand. i am always told that i have a low voice... and it's awkward, because it makes you not want to speak near anyone who says it ever again. you're the best!

    1. Oh you are just the sweetest, Miss Anna.

  2. Great birthday loot!
    I love your voice! I just think its so awkward when people comment on your voice cuz its like, even if its positive, you just become so aware of everything you say haha!
    I've been told before that I had a french accent? And also russian? Both of which are impossible considering I've spent my whole life in Canada? Weirds me out every time!!


    1. So sweet! Thank you!
      And exactly! And it's even more uncomfortable when someone calls your voice "seductive." What am I supposed to say to that?! Haha.

  3. Um love what ya got for your bday, you got great style! As for your voice, I love it and yah know not to be weird & creepy but it's kinda sexy. ;)


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