"The Simple Things Are Often the Truest."

(Shirt: Eight Eight Eight, Shorts: Maurices, Scarf: Gift, Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: Med ID? Haha, Purse: Fossil, Shoes: Maurices)

I wasn't planning on sharing my outfit today since it's so simple but then I thought, why wouldn't I? How can I share my personal style if I can't post about the casual days as well? 
It's getting hot here in Arizona so I busted out the trusty shorts. I think I spent all last summer wearing these very shorts. I'm not so sure I'm reading to embrace them again. It feels too early but then I remember it's almost April. 
I have to admit that my outfits recently have all been very simple. I'm kind of on this journey of learning to be comfortable in my own skin and this week has, for whatever reason, been somewhat of a break through. I've just felt great in so many ways. I've been embracing simple pieces and feeling so comfortable and beautiful in them. I really have no idea how to describe it all but I'm really enjoying this litte journey. 
Speaking of that, have I mentioned how encouraging and wonderful Jacob is? That man has to have some major patience to deal with my craziness at times and I'm so grateful that he always makes sure I know how beautiful I am. He definitely keeps me sane at moments where I'm at my breaking point. I am forever thankful to have that guy by my side.

Happy Saturday! Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!


  1. That's so great your breaking through!! I love your blog girl!! (: SO MUCH that I want you to guest post on my blog next week!! I emailed you!! :) respond to it?

  2. Love the vibrant green! Very bright and lovely :)
    Simplicty is sometimes where the most beauty lies! Breakthroughs are really great,and you feel so good about yourself when you realize it's happening ;) Or I find that anyway.



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