What I've Been Doing Wednesday

I took Jake lunch for us to have at his work. 80% of it was his.

My poppa being a champ after he got out of surgery last week. He had 6 hernias repaired and 17 little punctures in his tummy to get them all!

My new boyfriend I found at Costco. Sorry, Jake.

I made my brother go out in the snow with me. We're Puerto Rican and obviously not used to it.

I went to visit my little, sweet baby friend and she killed me with that smile as usual. 

My little Red Riding Hood has never seen that much snow in her life.

Spot chubby little Amanda!

What I wore today. Fashion blogging even when I'm not doing outfit posts? 

My birthday is in 15 days already! So my momma let me pick out clothes from F21 and order them as my birthday present. I am going to do a major happy dance when that package arrives. I haven't had 14 new items of not thrifted clothing in years!

Painted my nails pink even though I'm not a huge pink fan. This color reminds me of Barbie.

Guys, I did some food blogging. This is huge since my poor baking blog has been neglected for almost 4 months. Go check it out here!

There's a little peek into what my Spring Break and today looked like! 
I'm also featured on Thrifted Things for my first ever guest blog post! 
Hope you're enjoying some lovely spring weather! 

(If you would like to have me guest post on your blog or would like to guest post on my blog, feel free to email me at amanda.alberti.correa@gmail.com!) 


  1. Hi amanda! Found you on Thrifted Things! Love your blog and your outfits! LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are so interesting. Maybe because you remind me of another interesting person I know. Anyway! FOllowing now. Stop by sometime.


    1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much!


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