A Recap

(Cargdigan worn as a shirt, cropped shirt, and purse: F21, Shoes: Maurices, Jeans: Old Navy)

Has anyone noticed I only own one pair of jeans? No? Okay, good. 
It's a problem. 
Anyway, it's a bit chilly today for Arizona and I work later on so I didn't want to get too complicated with my outfit today. Hence the jeans again.
Remember that list of 19 thing before 19 that I made a while back? I remembered that I never went over that list to see how much I accomplished! So here goes!
1) Go on a bike ride with Jake
2) Take a trip to Phoenix with Jake Did this twice!
3) Expand my wardrobe with lots of thrifted pieces Yes Yes Yes!
4) Make crepes
5) Learn to knit or sew successfully I did learn to sew by hand!
6) Buy a stranger coffee
7) Officially start and keep up my fashion blog 
8) Work on making each of my meals consist of at least 50% fruits or vegetables I've been a fruit and veggie machine!
9) Read at least 3 books
10) Cook something I never have before
11) Plan a trip somewhere with Jake So successful on this one! Only 88 more days until Puerto Rico!
12) Wear heels at least once a week
13) Go on a hike I’ve never been before Jacob and I did during my birthday week!
14) Get over my fear of speaking in front of people via COM100 I still get nervous but much better!
15) Go one week of only wearing skirts and dresses
16) Buy my first pair of thirfted shoes
17) Go on a dinner date with my mom
18) Make a new friend
19) Take a bubble bath (Last time I took a bath was probably when I was 6)

So 11 out of 19 isn't too bad! I'm thinking I want to make another one for 20 before 20 but I'd have almost the entire year this time! Do you lovely people have any ideas of what I should put on my list? Let me know in a comment!

Happiest of weekends to all of you! 


  1. you are too cute in that first picture. ;) and is it just ME or did you dye your hair?! (:

    1. Thanks so much, lady! I did dye my hair a little lighter a few weeks back!

  2. the number one on your list should totally be "KEEP BLOGGING!" that way I can keep reading ;)
    Well done on your list now!



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