Cupcakes and Apartments

(Shirt and cardigan: F21, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Maurices, Necklace: Gift)
I think we found a pretty great apartment, I got to wear my favorite shirt, and I got some disappointing Sprinkles cupcakes. 
It was a pretty stressful day with missing a work meeting because it took so long to get out of Phoenix and feeling horrible about it but overall, it was a pretty great day. 
Can we talk about Sprinkles Cupcakes for a second? I've only had Sprinkles once before today and I thought it was pretty yummy so when I was in Phoenix today, I thought it'd be fun to pick some up for my birthday. The line wasn't very long but it took them 30 minutes to get me my cupcakes so I was pretty frustrated but was hoping they'd be delicious and that would make me feel better. I got home and took a bite of one and immediately put it back in the box and took out one of the cupcakes I made. So I guess I've officially become one of those bakers that thinks their baked goods are better than most places. 
And how cute are the little sail boats on this shirt?! I'm in love!
Hope your weekend is delightful! 


  1. Ohh sorry about the cupcakes, but wowsers, your outfit is ADORABLE!!!!! I love that you try and dress modestly. :)


    p.s. how old are you gonna be?? :D

  2. I can totally see why it's your favourite shirt - the pattern is LOVELY!

    SUCKS that the cupcakes were disappointing, cupcakes are like one of my favourite things :( !


  3. I love your cardigan & top - the prints are adorable! Also, on Sprinkles, totally overrated! Crumbs is so much better. Heck, a box of Funfetti I make in my own kitchen is better haha. ;)

    <3 The Daily Dani


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