Dots and Stripes

(Dress, cardigan, and belt: F21, Tights: ?, Boots: JcPenney)

The Awkward
  • The lady I passed on my way to class. I swear she just looked at me and yelled gibberish with a smile on her face, then kept walking. I swear I have the strangest encounters with people.
  • The guy with his girlfriend pumping gas by me. I accidentally glanced his way for a second and then he proceded to walk up behind his girlfriend, smack her butt, and kiss her neck in the most inappropriate way. Really? 
  • Sneaking coffee from somewhere else into a different coffee shop.
  • The little kids at the tables by me. The older brother keeps moving tables because his adorable little sister keeps moving to the table he's at. Therefore they both get in a fight and the little one starts crying. So sad and awkward for this poor mom.
The Awesome
  • Getting the invitation for Jacob's sister's wedding and bridal shower. I am making her wedding cake and cupcakes and Jacob is a groomsmen. I am just so excited for the whole thing. I love his family like they're my own so I look forward to it.
  • Caramel Coconut Fudge Fiber Plus Bars. Holy yum!
  • The unexpectedly delicious coffee place I discovered. One of my classmates works there and I decided to try it the other day. So glad I did!
  • The weather today. It's been stormy and a little chillier than usual but it's actually the perfect temperature out and I'm taking advantage of it before the crazy summer heat shows up at full blast.
  • Going to go search for apartments tomorrow with my brother's girlfriend whom I've been close to for years. I'm so excited to hopefully pick something out tomorrow that we both love. 


  1. That 2nd one... dude if my [future] boyfriend were to ever treat me like that, i would slap his face and then break up. how rude and disrespectful and gross!! :(

    But ohh, bridal and baby showers are soo much fun!! :) They are just such exciting events. Have fun!! Please take pics??


  2. cute cute dress! Love it!
    That second on the awkward list, man I hope you gave him the most grossed out look - I hate it when girls let their man treat them like that.
    GL on the apartment search!!!!!



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