Happiness is...

(Shirt, hair flower, and skirt: F21, Belt: Old Navy, Necklace: Gift, Shoes: Maurices)

I've been thinking about what being happy is truly about these days. I've always kind of been known as the optimist and the girl who is always smiling. This means that I often get asked why it is I'm always so happy and how do I do it. I've never found an answer adequate enough but I think it just comes down to focusing on the good rather than the bad and making the best of the life we have. 
I firmly believe that happiness is about the little things much more than the big.
For me, happiness is...
Getting to sit in your local coffee shop, drinking a latte with almond milk, munching on an oat bar, and blogging.
The feeling of being on top of the world after a good workout.
Feeling really good about yourself in an outfit.
Getting overly sentimental at the littlest things. 
Waking up knowing you don't have to be anywhere until late afternoon so you can do with the day as you please.
Looking around you in a moment where you're surrounded by wonderful people and thinking how absolutely perfect that moment is and how incredibly blessed you are to live the life you lead.
Making another person laugh or smile.
Laying in bed at night not knowing how to thank God enough for everything he's blessed you with.
And so much more...
Take a little moment to look around and I'm sure your list will go on longer than you think.



  2. Reading this post made me happy and thankful to be alive! <3

  3. I love how positive you are :) This post just reinforces that, and your outfit is rawkin!


  4. Love this!! I have been really struggling with optimism lately. I needed to read this! Hopefully finding a bit of perspective will get me back on track :)

  5. Hey!! Great outfit as usual. Just wanted you to know that I awarded/tagged you over at my blog!! :)


  6. I really love this! It's so true that the simple pleasures in life can bring a lot of happiness. A warm cup of coffee or smiling at a stranger on the street can really make your day. On a different note, I really love this outfit as well! That polka dot skirt is absolute perfection and I love how you paired it with the red top. Such a classic and fun color combination. Lovely!


  7. Super cute:) Love the asymmetrical hem!


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