March Photo A Day

It's that time again! 
Here are my photos for the Photo A Day Challenge for March!

1: My car up while getting new tires.
2: Fruit.
3: Your neighborhood
4: My bed is on the floor so this is my bedside.
5: A smile.
6: 5 pm.
7: Red lipstick was something I wore.
8: Window.
9: Red.
10: My brother's alarm was being loud.
11: Jacob was someone I talked to today.
12: The fork from my childhood.
13: I made the sign behind me.
14: Clouds.
15: Me and my car.
16: Sunglasses I found.
17: I only wore green for a little bit on St.Patrick's Day.
18: A corner of my home.
19: Eva looking like she has hair is pretty funny.
20: Before and after I cut 11 inches off of my hair.
21: My delicious and strange dinner.
22: Sink.
23: Mooooo-n.
24: An animal and I when I was little.
25: On the rare occasion that I have breakfast, it's usually fruit.
26: My keys.
27: My name on my junior year of high school ID.
28: My pretty trash can.
29: My feet at my senior pictures photo shoot two years ago.
30: Toy.
31: My uncomfortable, bland looking bed is where I relax.

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