Maxi Dress Life

(Dress: F21, Shirt: Target, Belt: Thrifted, Flats: Maurices)

I meant to write about this yesterday but it somehow escaped me. The other night, I laid in bed as usual trying to drift off to sleep. But this night in particular, I just felt like I had too much energy and too many things I wanted to do. And not in the sense of little errands and chores but things that I wanted to do with my life, my future. I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed I am. I just felt completely and utterly overwhelmed with how amazing God has been in providing for me. What did I ever do to deserve so much love and just plain happiness in my life? There is simply nothing I could have possibly done to deserve everything God has granted me. And next thing I knew, I found myself crying. Just crying tears of joy because I just couldn't express my joy and gratitude to God in any other way. So I just laid there in my bed having a moment of joyful tears with God because words were simply not enough.
Life... Life is just so very precious and breathtakingly beautiful.


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