Messy Buns and Florals

(Cardigan, belt, shirt: F21, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Gap)

Last night, as I was writing one of my final papers and was three pages in, my computer froze. Thanks to the good Lord, it auto saved and I ended up not losing it but I definitely panicked for a while there. 
Then this morning it started to feel like things were finally going to go well. That is until my medicine cabinet fell out of the wall, onto my laptop and phone throwing them to the ground, and shattering the medicine cabinet mirror and some nail polish splattering it all over. My bathroom now has glass and mirror shards all over and my laptop and phone have nice cracks down them.
I'm truly hoping this isn't an indicator of how this week is going to go because if so, I give up now. 
Regardless, the hours since the mini breakdown I had after the incident have been pretty darn great. I went and got coffee at the coffee shop at our hospital's gift shop, which happens to be the best coffee in town, and got to see my poppa in between his meetings. He's flying out to Florida tomorrow for business so it's nice to see that busy guy when I can. I then proceded to get a lot of little errands done and after waiting over a month for my transcripts to arrive to ASU so I can register for classes, I found out today that they finally did! So hopefully I will get the thumbs up to register very soon! 
Anyway, I finally finished my 19 before 20 list so here it is!

1) Grow out my bangs for the first time in 3+ years.
2) Volunteer somewhere. 
3) Save a good amount of money.
4) Try at least 10 new cafes.
5) Go swimming in the middle of the night. 
6) Watch a sunrise.
7) Get a nannying job once I'm living in Phoenix.
8) Make another wedding cake.
9) Make crepes! 
10) Meet another fellow blogger in person. 
11) Make a skirt on my own.
12) Feel comfortable in my own skin. 
13) Grow in my relationship with God. 
14) Visit somewhere I've never been.
15) Take a workout class. 
16) Buy and decorate my own Christmas tree.
17) Go rock climbing.
18) Ride at least five miles on my bike.
19) Try a food I've never tried before. 

Hope your week is fabulous!


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