Real Life

(Shirt and belt: F21, Jeans: Old Navy, Flats: Maurices, Purse: Fossil, Necklace: Gift)

Let's talk real life here. 
This outfit? Not even what I ended up wearing. What did I end up wearing? A very similar outfit that I blogged about last week. Because, guys, I have a serious issue with outfit repeating (with some variations)  recently. I don't know if it's this whole finals week thing but I just really haven't been carrying about repeating things. And I'm not talking just every once in a while. I'm talking wearing the same piece three days in a row. It's bad. 
You know what's not bad? Having only six days of classes left. That's awesome. Also, this necklace my aunt got me for my birthday when I was probably 8 or 9. You see, I've always been known as a lover of purses. From the age of two, I carried a purse around with me constantly. Old family friends I haven't seen for years in Puerto Rico always say "Ohhh, do you still like purses?!" Except in Spanish of course. Anyway, that love for purses is still ever so present and therefore this necklace is still one of my favorites. 
Again, I apologize for being such a terrible fashion blogger at times. We'll figure it out but thank you for hanging in with me until then!


  1. The pattern on that shirt is totally rawkin, I love it! The little purse story made me smile :) Very cute!


  2. Haha I love a lot of your outfits. There's no need to feel bad! I've only got 3 pairs of jeans, and I wear them CONSTANTLY. :)
    Also, that blue color looks amazing on you, and I love your hair, and whereever you're standing in these pictures is really pretty. :) And that was a really looong sentence. My bad.


    oh yeah! i got that same necklace you're wearing for a friend this past Christmas. She's really into shopping/girly stuff. lol


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