T Minus One Day

(Shirt, shorts, purse: F21, Shoes: Maurices)

The Awkward:
  • Doing face paint at work and getting a kitty painted on my entire face (see bottom of post) then going to class and giving a presentation about the importance of organ donation while still having the kitty face on.
  • Hiking with Jake. He's kind of an expert and has fancy hiking boots. Let's just say it ended up being a mighty good workout.
  • My manager walking in on the other camp counselors and I planning on carrying the kid's water bottles in an Easter basket. He pretty much looked at us like we were insane with out crazy face paint and looking like the Easter bunny...kitty.
  • I haven't worn anything but workout clothes, pajamas, and work clothes in a good three days. Fashion blogger failing at fashion blogging is pretty awkward.
  • Taking the whole bag of chocolate eggs to your room at night. Don't judge me...
  • Dying your hair and then not even your significant other notices.
The Awesome:
  • After tomorrow, I will be a whole nineteen years old.
  • Now that the 40 days of lent is over, I can eat cookies, cake, and brownies again!
  • Therefore, I made banana cupcakes with a brownie layer with brown sugar cream cheese frosting for work and class today. I missed you, baked goods.
  • The outfit I'm wearing tomorrow and Saturday. I have saved two items from my birthday package a few weeks ago just for these two days. It's the little things, guys!
  • Getting to go hiking and to lunch with Jacob. It's rare we get to spend several hours together during the day. Much less actually doing anything other than watching Food Network.
  • Apartment hunting tomorrow, Sprinkle's Cupcakes, good company, and trying out a new coffee place!

Happy Thursday, ladies and gentleman!


  1. I am just trying to picture you giving a presentation with that face..... ;P :)

  2. Oh awesome possum, you're only a year older than me!! You look at least 21. :)



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