April Photo A Day

It's that time of the month again where I share with you the pictures from the photo a day challenge! Here's the month of April for you!

1. My reflection.

2. Color.

3. Mail.

4. Some someones that make me happy.

5. Tiny baby Keira only a few hours old.

6. Day before my birthday lunch.

7. Shadow.

8. Inside my wallet.

9. Younger me.

10. Cold.

11. Where I ate breakfast. 

12. Stairs.

13. Something I found at Goodwill.

14. Happy because of this was how I felt today.

15. A sunset.

16. Flowers on this birthday card my dear friend, Sarah, got me last year.

17. The scale is something I don't like most of the time.

18. Hair.

19. Orange.

20. Something you drew.

21. Bottle.

22. The last thing I bought.

23. Vegetables.

24. Something I'm grateful for. Family.

25. Looking down.

26. Black and white.

27. We went to look at apartments all day.

28. 1pm.

29. The circular baby shower cake I made.

30. Something that makes me sad is never reliving this summer again.

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  1. Oh my gosh first we have the same fitness app and NOW WE HAVE THE SAME SCALE?! That's the one I have! That's hilarious - we're like fitness twins/buddies!

    Btw did I ever mention you have rawkin' eyebrows? They're so wonderful!



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