A Beautiful Soul

Today would have been my beautiful grandma's 72nd birthday. Alas, she passed away almost three years ago. I've been thinking about her a lot recently and just how beautiful of a person she was. I remember how well she was doing just the months before she passed. She had finally begun to recover from my grandpa's death and was more alive than I had ever seen her. It seemed like she was finally doing everything she had been wanting to do for so long. That joy she had was absolutely contagious even through the phone thousands of miles away the last time I talked to her around this time three years ago. 
Although I love and miss her so very much and I know everyone who knew her does as well, there has always been a sort of strange peace about her death. She was happy and just imagining how much joy she was now being with God and her husband, makes me smile because I know she's still with us in spirit but in a much better place. So rather than spend today being sad, today will be spent celebrating one of the most beautiful and inspiring people to ever come into my life. 
Felicidades, Abuela Gladys!