Before and After

To make up for missing Awkward and Awesome Thursday, here's the before and after pictures of my haircut and a little bit of the awkward and awesome from this busy week!

The Awkward:
  • Getting invited to a graduation party even though I hardly know the person who graduated. 
  • Being someone who gets embarrassed for others and having to listen to some really uncomfortable and poorly planned graduation speeches. 
  • When people say "You got your hair cut?!" No, no, it actually just disappeared all of a sudden.
  • Seeing someone you haven't seen in 10+ years. I don't think there is a situation where that's not awkward.
The Awesome:
  • Getting to celebrate another year of life with my wonderful mister.
  • Jacob's sister's bridal shower tomorrow! I love celebrating such wonderful events in people's lives!
  • My dress for the wedding arriving! 
  • Getting paid for all my cupcakes orders at once! Finally some money! 
  • My haircut. As much as it's taking time to get used to again, I'm feeling much more "refreshed."
  • This being my 100th post!


  1. I can't get over how darling your hair looks!! You're making me miss my bob!!! garrr! ;)

  2. You rawk the hair ;) It looks great! Also, cute flower pin in the pic with the short hair ;)


  3. very adorable hair cut!! i'm loving really short hair right now. i think it has something to do with my love for selena gomez! :)


  4. cute girl! you rock it so well.


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