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No outfit post here today but I did want to share and shed the spotlight on some of my favorite lady bloggers recently!
So here goes!

First up is this lovely lady! I met Brittany through Tumblr and just recently, she started blogging over here. She is such a sweetheart and I'm absolutely in love with her short, sassy hair and beautiful complexion! She blogs about outfits, thrifting, and all sorts of things! 
Next up is Leney! Ever since I discovered her blog, I've been obsessed! She not only comes up with the most adorable outfits, but she takes some really beautiful photographs. Her entire blog is just such a beautiful little place on the internet. 
Then there's Bri. I also met Bri through Tumblr and she is definitely another sweet sweet lady. She's also a photographer whose photographs will leave you wanting more. She has a quirky personality and I love seeing what she and her husband are up to on her blog. 
Katia is absolutely gorgeous, don't you think? She has such a fun style that just brings that beauty out. I just started following her a few months ago and I'm glad to say that our little blogging friendship has blossomed and we are now Instagram buddies as well ;) She's an incredibly talented artist and just a wonderful person all around! 

There's just a few of the ladies I am a huge fan of! Go check out their blogs and see what you think! 


  1. I LOVE Leney!! thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Oh man! When I saw this on your facebook and my little photo was there I thought something totally weird happened! You are so sweet! <3 I will be checking out some of these other ladies for sure!

  3. Awee this was so what I needed to see for a little mood lift - I'm so glad we have 'met' over the blogosphere and that we've become blog buddies/friends :) You're the biggest sweetheart, thank you so much for this hahaha! What a great list of bloggers too, beautiful talented women!



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