Good friends are hard to find.

Let's start with a little background info.
I met Sam and Alicia through Tumblr over a year ago. Alicia lives in Phoenix and on this trip, we had coffee and I fell in love with her bubbly personality. Sam lives in Colorado but we quickly became close friends through multiple Skype dates, phone calls, and text messages. She truly knows me better than most of my friends. Sam and Alicia had also become great friends and we arranged for Miss Sammy Sue to come visit for the weekend.
Now, yesterday, Sam and Alicia came up North to visit me and we had a fantastic day.
We first took the longer scenic drive to Sedona where we yelled hello to Jake from within the car as we passed by his work. In Uptown Sedona, we grabbed some coffee and hurried back to the car because it was cold and windy for Arizona standards.
We then drove up Mingus Mountain to a little ghost town called Jerome. There we walked a little but it was crazy crowded because of the long weekend and so windy you could barely talk. So we headed into Grapes and had a yummy lunch. The rest of the day was spent chatting for what certainly didn't feel like hours. I was so sad to see them go but can't wait to visit Sam in Colorado!
I could go on for hours about how blessed I feel to have these wonderful friendships in my life but instead I'll just let the pictures tell the story!

Hope your long weekend is just as wonderful!


  1. glad you had a fun time!! i know how horrible long distance relationships are, becuz my bestest friend in the whole world lives 8 hours away from me, since my family moved. but thankfully she's coming to visit me this summer for a week, so that's deffo gonna be the highlight of my summer, i think!! :)

    also, I LOVE YOUR SHORT HAIRCUT!!!!! Its soo adorable on you. :)



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