Hello, Summer

(Dress: Target, Shirt and belt: F21, Shoes: Maurices)

The Awkward:
  • The ends of my hair. Those babies are fried. Thank God I went and got a trim right after these pictures were taken.
  • When your significant other's siblings come into the house while you're just cuddling up on the couch with them and they of course have to make comments that make you quite embarrassed.
  • Getting to your class party 30 minutes early and sitting in a big empty room alone the whole 30 minutes because you have nothing else to do.
  • When you try to introduce yourself to someone that greets your significant other but they ignore you and leave you hanging.
  • Those two people that you never would have ever thought would be together start dating and you just spend the whole day being in shock about it.... or is that just me?
 The Awesome:
  • I'm officially on summer break!
  • I got those fried ends trimmed finally!
  • I got to spend 3 hours Facetiming with the lovely Mandi last night!
  • We had a class party on Tuesday and there was a guy that was in charge of bringing sodas. The night before we were chatting on Facebook and he asked me what I like to drink. I told him I usually only drink water and coffee but that I occasionally enjoyed a Diet Coke. The next day at the party, he brought a bunch of two liters and a separate, little individual bottle of Diet Coke for me. Such a sweet small little detail that made me smile.
  • Getting a date night with my mister finally!
  • Life. Life is awesome.


  1. You look lovely! I love the red shoes, defs a special touch! & that polkadot shirt - I swear I'd wear that 24/7 if I owned it!


  2. The dating thing? Not just you.
    After high school all these random couples formed that would have NEVER got to together had we all still been at school. So many days have been spent Facebook stalking and making loud exclamations of "well, I never!"

  3. haha number 4 on your awkward list i so agree with!! its not that i've dated or anything, but like i'll be talking to a friend and someone else will come up and just start talking to my friend and totally ignore me. its quite awkward!! :/



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