High School Dances

Since it seems to be that time of the year where everyone is going to prom, I thought I'd share some of my senior year dance pictures. 
It first started out with Homecoming. I went with a close group of friends and we had dinner at my house before we headed to the dance. Let's be honest here, I never really enjoyed high school dances. I always liked the idea of them but actually kind of hated the real thing. 
I can't remember much about my senior Homecoming other than it wasn't very exciting. Our high school always has homecoming at a local elementary school and there's just something about a bunch of high schoolers dancing like crazy people in an elementary school gym that doesn't seem quite right.
Skip ahead to senior prom. I was actually very very close to not going. Like I bought my ticket the day before the dance. Jacob wasn't going to be able to go (not that he enjoys that sort of thing anyway), I didn't want to spend the money, and I had gone the year before with a guy friend and not had such a great time. So I ended up going simply because friends convinced me to. Although the dance really wasn't that incredible, I'm so grateful for those friends who pushed me to go because at least I can say that I went to my senior prom, had a great dinner with friends, and did my best at enjoying the night. 
What was your senior prom experience like? 


  1. you look gorg in every prom dress!! I especially love the picture with a hand hiding your face! ;)


  2. Your dress for the senior prom was so precious, you look like a princess ;) in a good way!

    Prom was an amazing experience for me. Admittedly I went to three. but MY prom, went exactly the way you'd hope a prom to go. I also started dating a guy as of the after party (not what it sounds like aha!) and that ended badly but it was still perfect at the time and it wasn't part of "prom" itself so... still a good experience! My dress was also my dream dress so that helped!



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