I am my mother's daughter.

(Skirt and shirt: F21, Shoes: Gap, Belt: Old Navy)

I just walked into the workout room after running errands to tell my mom something and she just looked at me, smiled, and said you're so much like your mother. 
I know for some, being like their mother is the last thing they could ever want. But for me, being like my mother is something I strive for everyday. You see, my mother is the most selfless, kind, loving, intelligent, ambitious, and strong willed person I know. 
I truly cannot think of a person I'd rather look and act like. 
Other than that, life around here has been mighty lazy due to soaking in summer and all the free time it brings. I start my one online summer class next week so that will give me a little something to do in between packing to move and the future sister in law's wedding. 
I've been feeling mighty antsy over here. Like those sudden urges to go accomplish everything and that make you feel like you could conquer the world. I've been using them to do little craft projects but I'm not sure that will hold off the antsy-ness for much longer. So we'll see what the next project for this lady is. 
I hope your week is going splendidly and you have a million reasons to smile!