I can almost taste it.

(Dress: Gap, Scarf: Old Navy, Flower pin: Handmade by my dearest friend, Shoes: Maurices)

This is actually what I wore Sunday because today has been spent working out, setting up our new refrigerator, and getting some sun by the pool. I must say, a day like this was definitely needed in the craziness of finals and baking orders. 
Summer is here so soon and I only have one test left before my semester is over. I've always been a fan of summer. These days I'm not so much a fan of the weather during those but there's just something about summers that completely refreshes you. I like to think it's the trips, the possibility of new summer romances, beautiful summer nights, and just simply the possibility that anything could happen. It makes everyone so care-free and puts a spring in everyone's step. It's nice to see that part of the world for a little bit every year around this time. I tend to be one of those people that always has grand plans for summer and doesn't usually end up doing much. Now, every summer, I just hope for a summer as good as 2009. Of course, that was the summer I started dating Jacob so I'm sure nothing was really all that special but it felt so special because of that falling in love spell that had been cast on me. I'm really looking forward to just enjoying these last few months at home for good and finally taking that trip to Puerto Rico this summer. I have nothing extravagant planned other than moving and going to Puerto Rico but I'm certainly planning on making the best of it.
What are you looking forward to this summer? 


  1. Primary colours! Yay! I love that scarf.
    You're hatin' on hot weather but you're not stuck here in Canada where we still need to bundle up with a scarf and jacket now and then - I don't even think anyones pools are OPEN yet! :( !! I could imagine heat being bothersome too though of course, but y'know :P !!

    I've got a trip to Belgium at the end of this month, though I'm also looking forward to spending time at the beach with friends and just relaxing :)



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