May Photo A Day

1. Peace
2. Skyline
3. Something you wore today
4. Sugar is fun!
5. Birds
6. You
7. My grandparents and their marriage, my parents, my brother, Jacob, and my late grandmother are all someones that inspire me
8. A smell you adore
9. Getting my hair out of my way while I sleep is something I do everyday
10. Favorite words
11. In the kitchen
12. Something that makes you happy
13. Mom
14. Grass
15. Love
16. What you're reading
17. Coconut popsicles are a good snack
18. Something you made
19. My aunt's backyard in Puerto Rico is one of my favorite places
20. This love is something I can't live without
21. From where I stand/sit
22. Pink
23. Technology
24. These extensions are something new
25. My dad is unusual
26. 12 o'clock
27. Something sweet
28. The weather today
29. A number
30. My personality is obviously silly
31. How long this guy and I have been in love is definitely something beautiful

Can you believe tomorrow is June already?!


  1. I loved these photos! You're adorable and seem like such a happy person. This makes me happy! Haha. :)


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