The Series Continues

The mister has borrowed my card reader for the day and therefore I have no outfit pictures so I thought I'd continue with this "Senior Year" series I've got going on. 
I will admit that I definitely didn't think my senior pictures through well. I didn't plan ahead at all. I went to church that morning and after remembered that I had yet to take my senior pictures and time was running out. So I texted a friend who had a creative eye but was never any sort of photographer and off we ventured with my camera to Jerome. Jerome is a perfect little town on the side of Mingus Mountain that makes for a perfect place to take pictures. Although my pictures didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, I'm still very pleased with how they did turn out. I love that they are all very natural and that I stuck with something I had already worn all morning and would wear on any regular day. They turned out feeling very much like me.

There were tons more but these are my favorites! 

*My obsession with that belt started years ago as you can tell.


  1. I love love love that 4th picture!! the lighting is perfection.



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